Thursday, March 17, 2011

RAnDoM List of THiNGs

1. Invention truly is the mother of necessity. If you throw a whole bunch of basic ingredients in a mixing bowl, you can *invent* any concoction you want. It might not look so pretty, but remember, anything with butter and sugar is sure to be delicious. Just don't double your recipe until you know what you've invented is going to be a keeper. Oh, and don't forget to keep track of your ingredients.

2. If you want a true, finger-lickin' baked potato, you will not shrivel him up in your microwave. The oven is the only way to go. I guarantee they won't come out looking like the face of a bulldog. Maybe crispy on the outside, but at least not pruny!

3. Such a gorgeous night out. The stars are out in array of brilliant light against the blackness of night. The moon, although not as bright as the sun, is giving off a soft glow--cheering the night sky. The air is so clean and pure. A deep breath gives you your fill of damp earth coming alive again. The melted snow perfectly reflects the scene above it, and there is not a ripple marring it.

4.  At some point these past two weeks, at least one {if not two} of my students have been out sick. All four of my students were here today. They should have just stayed home. Some would sneeze causing snot to come flying out of their noses, others were eating Halls like mints, I was Dr. Tesfamariam for several days, and Lysol disinfect is my new buddy. Other than that, it was quite a day--Ahhhchoo....excuse me while I nurse this new cold of mine.

5. Marsh is waiting for me to come back so we can do a project. Did you know that her full name is Marshmallow? Yup, 'cause she's short, white, and...Hehehe, Don't tell her I said so. But, since she calls me Fluffy, I just thought it fit her, ya know?

6. Chocolate milk is the only thing to have in your cereal. But, just because I drink it and not white milk does not mean that I'm racist, neither is it the reason I have brown skin. Just wanted to throw that out there.

7. The boys in my class, whether for snack or lunch, never fail to pray: "Lord, can you please help the people to stop smoking. And Lord, can you help the people to stop drinking."

8. Kindergarten Graduation is less than 3 months away. Wow. I don't know whether to feel excited or panicked.

9. Marsh is probably wondering what clock I use and how come I'm not back already.

10. Spring is HERE. You know how I know? See # 3. And besides that, it is 43 degrees out here in the Great Northwoods. It is time to celebrate! Off to enjoy the beautiful night.

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Anonymous said...

So--is the eating the halls like mints my daughter or was she the snot coming out of the nose? heheh

Jimmy Dean