Tuesday, March 1, 2011

He Is All I Need

In my school Bible, I have a poem that I have looked at basically every morning this past school year. I don't remember how it came to be in my possession, but today I actually read it, rather than give it my customary cursory glance.

I am so weak, dear Lord, I cannot stand
One moment without Thee!
But oh! The tenderness of thine enfolding!
And oh! The faithfulness of thine upholding!
And oh! The strength of thy right hand!
That strength is enough for me!

I am so needy, Lord, and yet I know
All fullness dwells in thee;
And hour by hour that never-failing treasure
Supplies and fills, in overflowing measure,
My least and greatest need; and so
Thy grace is enough for me!

It is so sweet to trust Thy Word alone:
I do not ask to see
The unveiling of Thy purpose, or the shining
Of future light on mysteries untwining:
Thy promise-roll is all my own,--
Thy Word is enough for me!

The human heart asks love; but now I know
That my heart hath from thee,
All real, and full, and marvelous affection,
So near, so human; yet divine perfection
Thrills gloriously the mighty glow!
Thy love is enough for me!

There were strange soul-depths, restless, vast, and broad,
Unfathomed as the sea;
An infinite craving for some infinite stilling;
But now Thy perfect love is perfect filling!
Lord Jesus Christ, my Lord, my God,
Thou, Thou art enough for me!

Francis Havergal

 Have I truly made Him my all? We sing the song, "He is all I need", but do we actually mean it? Do I mean it? Is there heart behind the words, "Lord, You are my all"? Or, is there a search for something more? That certain job; those friends; that "look"; the perfect man; the applause of men; status--all of these and more can be things we pursue to be filled. And yet, the only way to be truly satisfied is to be filled with Christ--letting Him be more than enough for you. And me.

The more I read this poem and think about it; the more I read my Bible and meditate upon Its teachings, I realize how empty life is if Christ doesn't have all of your heart--Whether you are a sinner asking for His saving grace, or a disciple asking forgiveness for disappointing Him yet again.

I am slowly learning to let Him be my all--not in name only, but with my heart. Will you too?

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