Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Timeless Treasures {A sNOw~dAy...Finally}

While others are basking in the glorious warmth of sunshine and signs of Spring, we are ecstatically overjoyed at our blizzard-induced snowday. At long last, in our ever patient waiting, March 23 has delivered.

It reminded me of a prairie blizzard, back in the old days.

Not that I've seen one.

The snow was up to my knee in some spots.

Earlier in the week, this field was brown grass and mud; now, a thick layer of pure white snow has graced it.

My poor kiddos thought that they would soon be able to enjoy the playground once more. They'll have to endure the gym for a while longer.

The sun was trying to peek through. It was dark out--almost like the dead of winter.
**UPDATE** I see blue sky! And a burst of sunlight! Good thing because I don't want to go back to dark, life-sucking, winter days--Spring can come! {Now that we've had our snowday :}

But, Winter is still a gorgeous season.

I love winter. But I love Spring too, because that means flowers, graduation, my favorite month--May, thunderstorms, my Departure, warm, breezy days on the back porch with a book and iced tea. Or, an Ice Cap from Tim Horton's.

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